UKPON hosted their annual event in Liverpool, with Liverpool being the UK PRIDE host city for UKPON for 2023. During the event, New Brighton Pride joined the network and became a member. During the conference, which lasted four days, members of Pride organisers from across the UK were shown around Liverpool, which at the same time, had the ‘River of Light’ festival.

UKPON, which stands for UK PRIDE ORGANISERS NETWORK, enables Pride organisers across the country to offer support to each other and is an organisation run by the elected board on behalf of its members. Due to the size of the network, it offers exceptional opportunities, raises awareness and gives visability across the UK for all Pride members, beyond their own geographical location. We hope that this will assist New Brighton Pride in its growth for the future.

Doncaster is the Host of UK PRIDE 2025 this year and as a member of the Network we hope to represent New Brighton Pride at the event and as a member, we hope that New Brighton will, in the future, be the host of UK PRIDE.


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